These Are The Top 10 Wellness Trends To Try In 2018, According To Pinterest

In your near future, we see you adding yoga wheels and food grade essential oils to your cart.

Focusing on your physical and mental health has always been important, but with social media platforms, such as Pinterest, it's becoming easier to find tips and ideas on how to spend more time checking in with yourself and your body.  Having access to all these things makes us think harder about what we put on our bodies, what we put in them, and how we hope to improve. From buying beauty products free of toxins, to eating deliciously fortifying meals, to practicing meditations that teach mindfulness, more and more people are starting to make wellness their priority. 

In anticipation of the new year, Pinterest has released their annual "Pinterest 100" which details their predictions for the 100 trends that will people will be flocking to try in 2018. 


To determine what trends make the list, data experts at Pinterest looked into the global searches and saves from the platform's posts and analyzed what the emerging popular categories are. In addition, Pinterest's editorial team gave their input on trends they saw gaining traction. 

When it came to wellness, the results were pretty surprising. There's a lot of things on their list we have yet to try, but we're excited to see the positive impact they can have on people in the coming year. 

Below are the top 10 wellness trends Pinterest predicts will be huge in 2018.

1. Self-care staycations.

More and more people are retreating at home for some "me time" to refresh themselves. It's much cheaper than booking a trip away and includes none of the stress of planning. 

Saves on "self care" posts were up 537 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

2. Yoga wheels.

Yoga wheels help to stretch your body and release tension and muscular tightness in your shoulders, back, chest, and abdomen. They can also be a great tool for mastering advance poses in yoga. 

Saves on "yoga wheel" posts were up 72 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

3. Vitamin C serums.

"Vitamin C is a key component to many skin-brightening regimens, as it interferes with pigment production and keeps inflammation at bay. It may even help protect the skin from pre-cancerous changes from UV light exposure by neutralizing free radicals," Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City told Allure. Many people are looking to add vitamin C to their beauty regime in hopes of making their skin brighter and tighter. 

Saves on "vitamin C serum" posts were up a whopping 3,379 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

4. Foods made with essential oil recipes.

Essential oils naturally occur in food items such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Many concentrated food grade essential oils have hit the market, so people are looking for different ways to get them on their plates. 

Saves on "essential oil food recipe" posts were up 689 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

5. Air purifying plants.

When so many people are clean eating and switching to clean beauty products, is it any surprise that they want their air to be cleaner, too? Many are looking to house plants to achieve that goal.

Saves on "air purifier" and "air purifying plants" posts were up 270 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

6. Tai Chi.

This Chinese martial art is loved for both its defense training and its health benefits. Its slow, but focused movements and deep breathing techniques can help people reduce stress, release tension, and feel more at peace in their own bodies. 

Saves on "Tai Chi" posts were up 189 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

7. Strength training.

Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, many people are turning to exercises that make them stronger. 

Saves on "strength training" posts were up 415 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

8. Gut health.

When it comes to getting healthy, sometimes you've got to go with your gut. People are looking to foods that feed the healthy bacteria in their bodies to aid in digestion. 

Saves on "gut health" posts were up 251 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

9. Post-workout stretches.

Many people are looking for ways to maximize their workouts and that can include some post-workout stretching. The practice may help to prevent injuries and lessen the soreness of muscles. 

Saves on "post-workout stretches" posts were up 105 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

10. Healthy hair.

Whether they've recently cut their locks short or have grown out their tresses, people are spending more time making sure their hair is getting the attention it needs. From supplements, to hair masks, to better shampoos, people are looking for tips on keeping their hair looking refreshed. 

Saves on "healthy hair tips" posts were up 219 percent in 2017, according to Pinterest. 

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