She Was Bullied For Loving 'Star Wars.' But This Little Stormtrooper Had The Last Laugh.

May the Force be with you — regardless of gender.

Who doesn't love Star Wars? Though it's been decades since the first movie was released, its durability as a cultural phenomena has spawned endless attempts at spin-offs, including that questionable prequel trilogy.

Its appeal transcends generational lines, too. Take 8-year-old Layla Murphy, for example. She's a huge sci-fi movie fan and would often wear her R2-D2 jacket or Guardians of the Galaxy shirt to school.

But after Layla changed schools, she became the target of the other students who bullied and teased her for liking such "boy" things, she stopped wearing them. 

"At this new school," Layla's mom Nicolette Molina told CNN, "Layla started coming home more quiet and less of herself, and started asking not to wear her shirts or R2-D2 jacket ... She was asked if she was turning into a boy."

When one charitable Star Wars costume group heard about Layla being bullied for her love of the movie, members decided to step in.


The 501st Legion sent Layla messages of support and love, then brought her to meet (possibly) the biggest "Star Wars" fan of all: Weird Al Yankovic.

To top things off, the group outfitted Layla in a custom Stormtrooper outfit that she looked adorably proud in, as any true Star Wars fan, boy or girl, would. 

Just ask Chewbacca's buddy, Weird Al.


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