15 Hilarious Text Messages From Couples Who Should Just Say 'Bye Felicia' To Their Relationship

"Do you want to come to a paintball party with me? I think it would be very healthy for us to shoot each other."

Mom texts are pretty funny. Texts from toddlers are great, too. But nothing takes the cake like messages between real couples. 

The hilarious Instagram account We Should Break Up posts tons of screenshots from real couples who are either having real arguments or just have amusing banter. Either way, the texts are bound to make you laugh.  

Check out some of our favorites below: 

1. Would it, though?

2. Too late.

3. Just one drink.

4. At least he got you to answer.

5. Can't really be mad about that one.

6. Deal breaker.

7. Fighting in emojis is the best way to fight.

8. Didn't ask.


10. One of life's most important questions.

11. Are you sure?

12. Ouch.

13. NSFW.

14. Think it's time to stop having anniversaries.

15. That's a solid no.


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