Language Barriers Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past With These Instant Translating Ear Buds

The future is ready to say, "Hello."


After college, many people don't have the spare time to devote to learning a second or third language. But just as technology has helped us become a globalized society, it can also help us solve one of its main problems: language barriers. 

At Waverly Labs, they're currently developing that solution in the form of a universal translator ear piece. Two people speaking two different languages can have a full conversation by speaking in their native language into their ear piece, which the other person then listens to in their native language through their ear piece. 

Right now, the pilot ear piece can only translate the some Latin-based languages, but the engineers plan to expand to all languages over time. No matter how long that may take, these next-level ear buds prove the future is here — and it's ready to say, "Hello." 

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