These People Are Doing Push-Ups While Water Skiing And It's Effing Insane

Practice and strength mandatory.

If you've ever gone water skiing, you probably know how hard it is to simply stand up.

For a lot of people, it takes minutes if not hours of practice to get in a good ride behind a boat without falling on your face immediately. Whether your wakeboarding, tubing or waterskiing, you're going to have a tough time doing anything that resembles what you're about to see.

In a stunning short clip that was posted to Facebook, a few men and one woman are seen executing some amazing tricks on top of the water. 

We've got the sideways skid.

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The amazing push-up (part 1).

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Side flip over the wake.

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The butt spin.

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But they're just getting started...

A one-footed-water-skiing-push-up.

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Check out the full video here:


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