15 Illustrations With Dark Twists You Can’t Help But Laugh At

“We sold our souls to the devil some time back, that helps.”

You know that one friend that says hilariously inappropriate things that could very well be what everyone else is thinking? That's the mission of War and Peas, an ongoing Web comic that banks on dark humor to make a point ... very funny points. 

From two happy snowflakes floating to their slow death on the tongue of a child, to a fearless skater challenging the Grim Reaper to a duel, the comics create humorous outcomes to everyday and unexpected situations. 


Created by Saarbrücken, Germany natives, illustrator and comic artist Elizabeth Pich, and art school lecturer Jonathan Kunz, — who were "bounded by fate and an everlasting obsession for carrot cake and alien movies" — the comic's colorful language and situations may throw some readers off initially, but can make some humorous points about life's struggles if given a chance. 

"We sold our souls to the devil some time back, that helps," they explained on their website about the technique used in creating the comics. "Otherwise, pencils and Photoshop."

Check out some funny "War and Peas" comics:

1. "Don't Fight on Christmas"

2. "My Son Sells Bolo Ties on Etsy"

3. "Time is Relative"

4. "You've Changed, Man"

5. "Stay Warm, People!"

6. "Ah, Nothing Like Falling in Love"

7. "Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit"

8. "Hallowed By Thy Smoothie"

9. "Damnitsusan!"

10. "The Tables Have Turned"

11. "Dead and Rad"

12. "Part of Their World"

13. "Wait!"

14. "The Escort"

15. "The History Of 'Netflix And Chill' "


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