At EDC, 'Breaking Bad's' Bryan Cranston Brought Walter White Back For One More Show

'Say! My! Name!'

Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is a massive annual electronic music festival known for its huge crowds of dancing hippies and its world-renowned performances by some of the genre's biggest acts. This year, a surprise guest showed up. Bryan Cranston appeared at EDC as Breaking Bad's Walter White, in order to pay tribute to the British trio Above & Beyond, who named a song after his most famous character. The crowd, which did not know the actor would be attending the Las Vegas festival, went wild when they saw him appear on stage with the band. For his part, Cranston seems equally joyful to be taking part in the festivities.

Before the song began, Cranston recited White's most famous line, "Say my name." When the audience screamed it back to him, he nodded approvingly, adding, "You're God-damned right." The actor then dramatically pushed the button on Above & Beyond's turntable, starting his eponymous song. As the beat grew louder, Cranston giddily bounced up and down along with the crowd below him. Even the band seemed thrilled to have the real Walter White among them, if only for one song.


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