'Walls Of Kindness' Provide Hope To Iran's Homeless

Helping those in need.

Iran is still suffering from the global recession, and the economic impact on Iranians is reaching crisis levels. A 2013 report found that the number of Iranians living below the international poverty line doubled to 40 percent over the last eight years. As a result, there are about 15,000 homeless people in Tehran and in the surrounding communities. About one in three of these homeless people are women.


In this country of haves and have nots, someone started a peaceful revolution to make a difference.

In the city of Mashad, located in northeast Iran, an anonymous person placed hooks and hangers on the outside wall of a building. There was also a special message next to it: "If you don't need it, leave it. If you need it, take it."

Within days, random strangers placed warm clothes for homeless people on that wall.

Here is the photo of it:

This one "wall of kindness" inspired other Iranians to set up their own:

This simple and kind gesture allowed citizens throughout Iran to provide warm clothes to homeless people. As one Facebook user wrote, they "remind us of distance but in some streets in Shiraz they brought people closer to each other." And an Instagram user commented, "Life is too short. Be kind as much as you can."

A few weeks ago, a similar kind act in Iran occurred when random refrigerators appeared in different cities to make it easier for people to give food to the homeless.

(H/T: BBC News)

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