5 Hacks To Master Walking In Heels Like A Pro

Move over Grace Kelly.

While models rocking the catwalks of Milan and Paris make walking in stilettos look easy, the rest of us immortals know keeping it graceful in heels can be a challenge. Balancing in heels suddenly becomes a massively difficult endeavor, walking in a straight line can be the hardest thing, and then you also get blisters.

Heels surely aren't for everyone, but for those who still want to rock those killer heels for the sake of fashion, there are a few things you can do to make things a little easier. Check out these five "steps" you can take to help make wearing heels a breeze.  


1. For beginners, going big means going home early.

While some people believe you should always go big or go home, let us assure you, this does not apply to heels. In fact, if you are a beginner, going big almost certainly means going home early.

If you have no experience, start practicing by wearing kitty heels, platform shoes or wedges. Your time for those killer heels will come.

2. Learn how to stand.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but the truth is, many women simply do not know how to stand in heels. And that's something that surely comes in handy when mingling at cocktail parties.

Yamuna Zake, best known for her foot yoga techniques, explains one should always stand by keeping feet parallel and equally distributing the weight. If it starts being uncomfortable, the weight should be shifted to the outside edge of the feet — which will improve your posture — and not the big toe.

3. Remember, the heel-to-toe rule.

Not all shoes are created equal, which means we have to adjust our walks according to our footwear.

One rookie mistake is continuing to walk the same way you would if you were wearing flats. This will not look graceful, trust us. Instead, make sure your heel comes first, toes follow.

3. Socks are not as bad as they sounds.

You've probably heard socks should never be worn with heels. Well, we kinda disagree.

Not only do socks look absolutely rad, but they also help you avoid blisters. If you're not too crazy about the look, at least, try wearing your new heels around home with socks to stretch the leather out for a bit before hitting the streets.

4. There's no shame in sitting down.

If an opportunity to sit down and rest your feet presents itself, take it. This only means you'll be able to enjoy your killer heels and rock that heel-to-toe grateful walk longer without feeling discomfort.

After all, it all goes down to time management.

5. Swap from one pair of heels to another throughout the day.

Once you start feeling that your feet are getting tired of one particular pair of heels, swap to a different kind. 

According to WhoWhatWear, changing heels is a great way to ease the pain that comes from wearing the same pair throughout the day. This also might help to avoid blisters.

Happy catwalking, ladies.

(H/T: WhoWhatWear, Vogue, PureWow)


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