New 'Walking Dead' Teaser Suggests Season 6 Continues With Our Favorites Back In The Thick Of it

Nice camouflage.

Any trailer for AMC's two zombie-centric shows, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, is always full of suspense and more than a little decaying flesh. Now halfway through season 6, the former show has already seen many of its most beloved characters killed off. Also, it's had one death-that-didn't-end-up-being-a-death, which we won't spoil here for fear of enraging people who aren't caught up. Actually, doing so would probably enrage those who are up to date, given the backlash over that whole situation.

Anyway, the latest trailer for The Walking Dead, which returns with new episodes on February 14, drops a few main characters right back into the thick of things. Literally. It sees Rick, Carl, Michonne, and others walking through a massive crowd of Walkers wearing super-fashionable post-apocalyptic ponchos smeared with blood and guts to distract the surrounding zombies from the fresh flesh underneath.

Rick says "Stay calm. We can move right through 'em. Don't draw attention," and naturally, someone loses their cool as the trailer ends, presumably right before one or more zombies notices. Considering a dead giveaway in the middle of a swarm of zombies would result in three leads immediately dying, that probably won't fully happen in the actual episode. Still, it'll be sure to contain plenty of drama and zombie snarling and such. Everything that people crave when it comes to AMC's hit show.

To check out the trailer for yourself, click here.

Cover image: AMC


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