The Philadelphia Flyers Picked A Fight With Glenn From 'The Walking Dead' Via Twitter, Because Why Not

Thanks, internet.

At the beginning of the week, fans of The Walking Dead took to the internet in outrage over the season 6 finale's over-the-top cliffhanger. Big bad guy Negan murdered someone with his trusty baseball bat Lucille, but the camera didn't show who, so everyone has to wait until the fall to find out. Bummer.

It may have been fan favorite Glenn, but if that's the case, Steven Yeun โ€” the actor who plays him โ€” isn't giving any hints. In fact, he's using his free time from filming to do things such as relax and cheer on his favorite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings.

Here's a nice tweet of Yeun supporting his squad:

Then, totally unprompted, the Philadelphia Flyers Twitter account decided to respond:

The fired shots led to a burst of activity in Philadelphia:

So naturally the Flyers had to keep it going:

Steven's a little busy for that gig, though:

And clearly the team has an inferiority complex, because it just had to get the last word in:

Bizarre? Yes. Happy Friday.

(H/T: SB Nation)

Cover image: AMC via YouTube


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