A 'Walking Dead' Hero Is In For The Fight Of His Life. But The Zombies Are Just Here For The Ride.

Gnarly board skills, yo.

The characters of The Walking Dead do not have it easy. If they're not trying to escape a herd of flesh-eating zombies then they're probably trying to fend off some nasty people who are freaking out during the apocalypse. 

One of the show's leads, who's kept his cool through the many up and downs, is Daryl Dixon, portrayed by actor Norman Reedus. The crossbow-wielding staple of the series has managed to slay hundreds of walkers and escape some of the messiest situations without a scratch, but he may be facing his toughest yet.

During an clips aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Reedus once again dons Daryl's weapon of choice and his signature, mangy-looking vest. Throughout the vignette, he's seen reprising his role as the character, digging through the contents of a van to find salvagable materials he can take back to his friends.

But once he discovers a hoverboard — which he quickly tosses aside — he sees that hoverboard-riding zombies have found him and are out to eat his brains.

The images might be a bit creepy, but they are laugh-inducing — because, as any science fiction fan knows, zombies can't ride hoverboards. It just couldn't happen. (But we totally believe in the zombie apocalypse. It could totally happen!)

Watch the video below to see if Reedus' Daryl escapes the flesh-eating assault. Expect some "Walking Dead"-caliber violence (FYI, just in case it freaks you out):

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