This Is Exactly How You Wake Your Mates Up, Orchestra Style

And the trumpets they go.


In the words of Jason Deriulo, "And the trumpets they go, yeah the trumpets they go." Because that's exactly what happens in this video above.

The video was shot during Jove Orquestra de les Comarques Gironines, a festival in Girona, Spain. It appears some of the youngsters performing in it decided to prank their pals, trumpet style, while they were still asleep.

Guys line up at 6:30 a.m. in the corridor in front of the doors of other peeps still sleeping. First there's a trumpet. But then we have some seriously skillful door-drumming. And oh boy, that trombone sounds like trouble already. Just watch.

Yep. This is exactly how you wake your friends up. We hope you're taking notes.

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