Waitress Pays Firefighter's Bill For 'Being Bold And Bad*ss Every Day'

An awesome act of kindness.

After enjoying breakfast at a diner in the Burlington Township, N.J., area, a firefighter was the recipient of a random act of kindness. 

When the waitress named Liz returned the check there was no total or prices, just a note. 

"Your breakfast is on me today," it starts off. "Thank you for all the you do."

She then went on to praise him for his work as a "bold and bad*ss firefighter," and told him to get some sleep. 

Local TV anchor, ABC6's Alicia Vitarelli, first posted the image to her Facebook fan page, where the bill receipt received almost 5,000 likes and more than 500 shares. 


A woman named Julia Witzig McGraw commented on the image, stating that this happened at her local diner and that Liz is known for her kindness. 

"She greets everyone in my family by name. She treats all of her customers like they are family. It does not surprise me one bit that she did something like this," she wrote. "She works incredibly hard. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone she encounters. Thanks to the firefighters for their service, thanks to Liz for her act of kindness."

The check read in full ...

Your breakfast is on me today — thank you for all that you do; for serving others & for running into the places everyone else runs away from. No matter your role, you are courageous, brave and strong ... thank you for being bold and bad*ss everyday! Fueled by Fire & Driven by Courage — what an example you are are. Get some rest! =) Liz

Way to go, Liz, and thanks to all those who serve.

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