Unemployed And Broke, He Posted A Craigslist Ad That Changed His Life

Someone's gotta do it.

When Robert Samuel lost his job as an AT&T sales representative three years ago, he needed a job and he needed it fast. Desperate for work, he put out an advertisement on Cragislist offering to wait on the long line for people when the new iPhone came out. And he said he would do it for only $100.


Now he makes up to $1,000 a week doing exactly that — waiting on long lines.

Samuel, who was recently featured in a Salon video, is the founder and self-described CEO of the Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD), which is a New York City-based company that does one thing and only one thing very well: wait on long lines for you. It's a professional line sitting company.

Samuel calls it the “Uber of line waiting.”

"People want these things like it's the end of the world," Samuel told The New York Post. "When I show up to their offices with a sleeping bag in one hand and the Cronuts in another, they know they're getting their money's worth."

No matter the weather, Samuel's company promises to wait on long lines for you. Samuel has waitied on line for food samples, Saturday Night Live standby lines, concerts, bars, brunches and passports.

He even waited on a 48-hour line just because someone wanted the new iPhone last year.

Don’t worry, he got paid $965 for that iPhone wait.

Since some long lines have a strict limit of the number of items that a person can receive, Samuel hired his friends to be a part of the company as well.

While it seems like an unusual job, Samuel might be on the forefront of an emerging industry.

Watch the full video:

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