This Virtual Reality Lesson Will Help You See Through The Eyes — And Mouth — Of A Dinosaur

Tap into your inner “tyrant lizard.”

Talk about a cool way to learn! 

Vsauce2 host Kevin Lieber gives a science and history lesson on the Tyrannosaurus Rex with the help of a creative, interactive 360-degree video, which was produced in collaboration with Two Bit Circus VR, which prides itself on "blurring the line between physical and digital worlds." 

The best part is that instead of being the student, you can be the T. rex. The prehistoric virtual reality lesson allows the viewer to see through the eyes of the dinosaur as Lieber — the New York-based host who aims to inspire and entertain by examining the everyday amazing … and the not-so-everyday amazing — covers information about what foods the dinosaur eats, how big it is, and how quickly it can run. 

Hint: It's faster than Usain Bolt.  


Check out the experience below, and visit the video's page on YouTube to learn how to get the full 360-degree effect:

(H/T: Laughing Squid)

Cover image: Fernando Cortes /

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