Learn How To Sleep Better In Just 2 Minutes

Wake up refreshed every morning.

To the average busy person, the thought of spending a third of the day sleeping can seem a little bit wasteful. In order to stay competitive, it's hard not to want to toss back an extra cup of coffee and study harder and work longer, even if it means pushing through groggy, tired mornings. In reality, though, foregoing sleep makes it harder to concentrate and actually decreases productivity overall.

Humans need to sleep 7 to 9 hours every night to allow the body to restore itself. Muscles are repaired, the brain clears out waste products, metabolism is slowed, the cardiovascular system relaxes, all of which allow us to rise in the morning feeling rejuvenated and able to take on the day.

Unfortunately, our modern lives bring in a lot of stress, artificial light, bad diets, and other factors that make it harder to sleep. On the flip side, this means that there are plenty of things that we can easily change in order to improve the quantity and quality of our sleep each night.

Vox has made a new video that shows some super simple steps that anyone can do to improve their sleep, making them better prepared to take on the day.

Check it out here:


What are some ways that you wind down and get ready for bed? Let us know in the comments!


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