For The Last 20 Years, This Family Has Worn Matching Fourth Of July T-Shirts

Ten members of the family started the tradition in 1998.

It wouldn't be a true Fourth of July celebration without barbecues, sunshine, fireworks, and fun in the sun. But for one family, the celebration is all about the patriotic outfits.


The Vogel-Armstrong family has been wearing matching Old Navy Fourth of July T-shirts for the last 20 years.

The clothing brand shared the family's story on social media and revealed that the roots of the tradition started in 1998 when 10 members of the family posed in a photo wearing the same T-shirt.

Ernie Vogel wrote in a Facebook post that the coordinating Old Navy flag T-shirts began as a way for the family "to differentiate [themselves] from the lake neighbors during Fourth of July competitions."

It evolved into a yearly tradition that was kept up, even as the family grew. Babies and pets would even get involved.

Gap Inc., who owns Old Navy, reported that when the Vogel-Armstrong matriarch, Peggy Armstrong, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, she wanted to create a lasting tribute to the family's Fourth of July tradition, so she made a quilt out of all of the previous Old Navy flag T-shirts the family had worn.

When she passed away in 2017, the family posed in their yearly photo with the quilt in the background in her honor.

Vogel also reflected in the post about how the memories that went along with the T-shirts are just as special. "Watermelon-spitting contests, best karaoke routine, Euchre tournaments, you name it," he said. "It truly was the best of times!" 

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