These 'Angels' Are Saving Lives, And You Can Help

There is a lot of power in a good partnership.

Every time you buy vitamins from Walgreens, you might be doing more than just improving your own health. You could be saving the life of a child from a place you've never been.

As part of a booming partnership between Walgreens and aid organization Vitamin Angels, Walgreens donates one percent of the retail sale of every vitamin purchase to Vitamin Angels, and it adds up. Millions of dollars have already been put towards distributing vitamins to children at risk of or suffering from malnutrition across the globe. They've raised enough to reach 70 million children and counting, with a target to make that 100 million children by 2017.

The vitamins Walgreens and Vitamin Angels provide are life-saving. They aid in the treatment of malnutrition, preventable illness, blindness, and even death.

Take, for example, Sabita and her daughter Rimpa, who both live in rural India and have received vitamins from Vitamin Angels. When Rimpa was first born, she had a low weight and would barely eat. And because Sabita and her family live in poverty, she can only afford to buy food that is less nutritious.


"Every parent wants their child to be healthy," Sabita told Vitamin Angels.

Since she began receiving twice-yearly vitamin A provided by Vitamin Angels, Rimpa's appetite has been through the roof; she's been eating better and maintaining a healthy weight. The vitamin A she takes also helps to greatly decrease her chance of going blind as a result of  vitamin A deficiency, something that, according to WHO, happens to about 250,000-500,000 children a year.

But Sabita and Rimpa are just two of millions of examples. Malnutrition is the number one cause of preventable child death globally. For 45 percent of children who die under the age of five, the underlying cause is malnutrition.

That's why, in conjunction with Vitamin Angels, three filmmakers set out to Peru, India and the United States to show how Vitamin Angels is helping.

You can watch the short film here:

Cover image courtesy of Walgreens / Vitamin Angels.


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