Meet A Family From Uganda Growing Stronger With Vitamins

Staying healthy is all in the family

There's almost nothing more important than a family dinner. It connects generations together and provides an incredible amount of love, support, and stability that children need. In Uganda, the family unit is of paramount importance. 
Unfortunately, for some in this country, family dinners don't always contain the nutrients that are crucial for growing up strong and healthy, like vitamin A. Vitamin A is not only great at supporting healthy skin and bolstering the immune system, but it is crucial for eye health, allowing them to look into the eyes of their loved ones for years to come.
Fortunately, supplements can bridge these gaps.


While Ugandan families who live close to rivers and lakes have access to vitamin A-rich fish, lack of infrastructure leaves those who live farther into the country without regular access to it. This leaves about 28 percent of children in Uganda deficient in this important nutrient.
Watch the video below to meet one Ugandan family who take vitamins to make sure  they are filling in any gaps their diets may leave. The great thing about this video is that it is 360-degree enabled, meaning you can actually turn the camera where you want it pointed and see the entire family circle.
Check it out here:

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