This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend Using Virtual Reality To Recreate Her Favorite Place

"I know that we have a joke that it 'virtually' feels like we're already engaged ..."

This guy knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend in an out-of-this-world way, so he turned to virtual reality

Alex Lackovic, a carpenter from Melbourne, Australia, and his girlfriend Kelly Lynn Norman, a social worker, would often joke that they were "virtually" engaged because it was clear to both of them their relationship was destined for marriage. So, Lackovic decided to surprise her by actually getting engaged virtually. 


Norman grew up in South Africa and has special memories at her grandma's house there. But her happy place is really just outside of the house. There, she'd gather with loved ones near a tree planted right in front. "Every time she thinks of her happiest times, she thinks of the time she spent out there with her friends and her family, and a simpler and fun time to be alive back when she was a kid," Lackovic said in a video of the proposal

He wanted to recreate her happy place in virtual reality (VR), so he enlisted the help of Zero Latency, a free-roam virtual reality experience. 

The team there created a VR experience that would make Norman feel like she was actually back at that tree in South Africa. And that's exactly where Lackovic wanted to get down on his virtual knee. Norman was lured to Zero Latency thinking she would just be playing a VR zombie outbreak game, but soon the game "rebooted" and she was transported to her grandmother's house. That's when Lackovic decided to pop the question. 

Watch her reaction to the creative proposal in the video below.


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