This Short Movie Can Be Turned Into Virtual Reality On Any Smartphone

Google Cardboard brings it to life.

What's better than watching a cool video on a smart phone? Viewing it in glorious 3D on a virtual reality display. 

This might sound futuristic and far off, but the technology is already here, and it's really easy to get.


Google Cardboard is an inexpensive device that turns almost any smartphone into a VR headset.

The high-end models of these is just over $30, making them an easily affordable accessory for anyone who has a smartphone. And yes, it really works. The device helps the brain interpret stereoscopic images in 3D, making games and simulators come to life. It works with nearly all smartphones, as the free Google Cardboard app that is needed for the device can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

These VR displays could also change how videos are watched on smartphones. 

Take Teleportaled for instance — the movie we've featured below — in which two men discover a mysterious object that one of them decides to show to a woman in order to impress her,even though nobody actually knows what it is.

The film is enjoyable to watch on its own, but it really gets a boost from being viewed in 3D.

When it comes to learning more about an object, the first course of action should always be to poke it. (Watch that finger that looks like it is coming out of the screen and could take out an eye)

As the object starts to make unusual sounds, the trio soon learn what it's really capable of doing.

Surrounded by lightning, the three soon find themselves in a completely new area.

"Dude, we teleporltaled!" (Which, honestly, sounds way cooler than teleported.)

Poking the teleportaler a few more times brings them to new places, raises questions from witnesses, but yields little insight into how the thing actually works.

The last jump leads all of them home, or does it?

Watch the hysterical misadventure here:

Will the story be continued? We hope so.

[All images via PAVR Media]


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