This Daughter Helped Her Dad Go Viral. Now He's Getting The Chance Of A Lifetime To Sing On 'Ellen.'

And it's absolutely beautiful.

When Kris Jones' daughter uploaded a video of him singing the country song "Tennessee Whiskey," it went viral — and understandably so.

Jones, who tells Ellen DeGeneres he's been singing his whole life, explains that he's made an effort to pursue music, but other things have taken priority. 

"Just life. I had these kids, my babies needed braces," he says, laughing. "So I went to work."

Jones adds that he tried to audition for American Idol, but was too old for the show's age limit. Then he tried The Voice, but at the time, he was rejected. Recently, he got a call from a producer at The Voice, asking him to come back for another audition. 

Now, in an exclusive performance for The Ellen Show, Jones gets his first chance to sing on television — an opportunity he's not taking for granted. 

"I want to say this: If this is all that it ever does, if this is as far as it goes, being on your show, I feel like I've reached the top. Thank you so much," Jones says, trying not to cry. 

With that, Jones gives an undeniably beautiful performance, and we're sure he has a bright future ahead. 


And watch the full interview here:

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