Vin Diesel Is The Happiest Human Being On Earth Singing With His Own Choir On Set Of ‘XXX 3’

We all have dreams.

Here's a note to jot down: If you ever want to make Vin Diesel the happiest person ever, get him a choir.

Diesel explains in the video below that he is currently filming "xXx 3" and he had a dream that the movie would include a choir.

After sorting through thousands of choirs, he chose Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale to star in the movie.

While we have seen Xander Cage sing Tove Lo and tribute songs to Paul Walker, he said that it has always been a dream of his to sing in a choir.

He said, "Although my grandmother would take me to choir every weekend, I never had that little bit of confidence to get up there and sang."

So, without any further delays, lay your eyes and ears upon Diesel singing the most joyous version of "Oh Happy Day" below. Oh, how we wish we were in this choir.


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