These Pictures Will Destroy Any Hope You Had For The Future As They Show How Vapid Taste Has Always Been

There is really nothing new under the sun.

If you are under the assumption that the dissemination of costumed cat photographs is a recent development of this lamentable and corrupt century, then I regret to inform you, gentle reader, you are mistaken.

In my day, viral media consisted of smallpox patients coughing onto newspapers in the local sanitarium...but I digress.

The following historical images from the 19th and early 20th centuries will attest to the ongoing relationship between feline, photographer, and rabid public long before the modern era of profane technologies such as the "cellular phone" and "interweb."

Please enjoy.

9. "I've been waiting fur an hour!"

8. Cats on skates? How very a-mew-sing.

7. Elizabeth! You simply must see this! Why, this cat is wearing a hat!

6. Indeed it is, my good man! Indeed it is!

5. They took a paws during supper for this photograph.

4. Dare I say it? I'm simply smitten with this kitten!

3. Probably got very purr marks on an exam... Ho ho!

2. Quite certain they take milk first!

1. These two must be feline rather silly by now.

Images most likely by Harry Frees (1879-1953), who is the subject of an article here, and Harry Pointer (1822 - 1889), whose work is documented here. The sources are as noted, though the images are believed to reside in the public domain.

Any word-play is punintentional.

We would be most appreciative if you were to share these images among your more discerning friends the next time you are invited to tea.


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