Created By A Colorblind Photographer With A Budget Of 40 Euros, This Movie Will Have You Believing In Eternal Love

Love. Always.

"What's love good for?" — sang Edith Piaf in French along with her second husband Théo Sarapo in the hit song from 1962. "All the stories I hear, do not make sense from here. What's the point of loving?"

Set to the soundtrack of the Piaf's and Serapo's song, this short movie titled Amour Toujours" ("Love always") follows a young man going through joys and pains of being in love. All while in the city of love  — Paris.

A mere 2 minutes and 50 seconds long, the movie was created by Victor Habchy, a "self-taught colorblind photographer" with a budget of... wait for it... 40 euros

"With little money and lot of love, we can achieve nice things," Habchy explains on his YouTube channel.

We'll have to agree. 

Watch the entire video below.

The short film was inspired Louis Clichy's gorgeous animated movie, which was set to the same soundtrack, Konbini reports

Remember, folks. Love aways.


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