You're Going To Be Awfully Confused When You Hear About This New Dinosaur

Turns out the movies may have gotten it wrong.

It turns out the velociraptors you see in the movies might not look exactly like the ones that lived millions of years ago.

A breakthrough archaeological discovery by Dr. Steve Brusatte helped unearth the Zhenyuanlong suni, a close relative of the velociraptor that was outfitted with feathery wings. 

"The real Velociraptors would have been a feathery, fluffy, winged Chickens from Hell," Brusatte told The Huffington Post.

A close cousin of the velociraptor, Zhenyuanlong suni was discovered in China and is estimated to have lived 125 million years ago.


Here's a mock-up of the dinosaur from Complex:

The fossils found indicate the creature may have been 6 feet long and 40 pounds.

As to "why" the  Zhenyuanlong suni has feathered wings, the answer is much less clear. Bursatte hypothesizes that they may have been for protecting the eggs or simply display.

"Sometimes new fossils provide more questions than answers," he told the Huffington Post. "And this is one of those fossils."

Check out the full breakdown below:


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