Here's How To Ensure You Have The Right Size Condoms: Vegetable Packaging

Five different vegetable sizes.

It seems that condoms fall off during sex more than 5 percent of the time or slip down more than 13 percent because they're the wrong size. This could lead to unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Taiwan student Guan-Hao Pan recently designed a new condom packaging called LoveGuide condoms, which are based on phallic vegetable sizes to make sure that guys get protection that fits properly.

"Studies show that more than 60 percent of users choose a wrong size while shopping for condoms," Pan told to Dezeen. "In addition to discomfort, wrong-size selection increases the risk of slippage and rupture."

Here are nine awesome reasons why the vegetable packaging provides condoms that fit perfectly and a safer experience:


1. There are 12 condoms in each package.

2. There are five different sizes.

3. Guys hold the cylinder packaging to check which one is meant for their girth.

4. The condom lids look like sliced vegetables.

5. Each condom has a raised tip, making it easier and safer to grab.

6. Zucchini, at 5 centimeters in diameter, is the largest.

7. Turnip is the second largest size.

8. Banana is the third largest size.

9. Along with carrot and cucumber, here's the collection.

Watch this full video about them:

(H/T: Dezeen)

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