UVA Goalkeeper Leaves Net Unguarded To Protect An Injured Opponent

"I'll always care for my opponent as much as I care for my own teammates."

Becca Holden is a goalkeeper for the University of Virginia's field hockey team. She holds her ground to defend the net and throws herself into the fray while making saves as the final failsafe against scoring goals in all 19 of this season's games, according to Newsplex

But in a semifinals game against Syracuse last week, Newsplex writes, Holden left the net wide open, allowing SU's Emma Russell to score a goal in overtime, costing UVA the game with a final score of 3-2.

But Holden had a very good reason for leaving the net untended: she was protecting an opponent — Syracuse's Laura Hurff — who had been injured and fell in front of the cage. 

"I mean, at the end of the day," Holden told Newsplex, "I'll always care for my opponent as much as I care for my own teammates, and I don't like situations where the play is any more dangerous than it needs to be."


Watch the footage here:

Although they lost, Newsplex reports that UVA secured the No. 3 overall seed in the NCAA tournament and will play against Delaware on Saturday. 

Field Hockey coach Michele Madison had nothing but kind words to say about Holden's actions. "We didn't even discuss it because that's what you do," she told Newsplex 

"You have to go down with human kindness, and I can go down with an act of human kindness."

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