Us The Duo Writes 'Feel The Same' For YouTube Music's 'Band In A Box Challenge'

Hear their new original, "Feel the Same."

Michael and Carissa Alvarado, aka Us The Duo, have undeniable musical talent. And in a recent video on their channel, they prove their creativity by piecing together a song for YouTube Music's "Band in a Box Challenge."

The challenge goes like this: Michael and Carissa must select random items and toys from a box to create an original song. Items include a washboard, a ukelele, a plunger a gas tank, and beyond. There's also a spinning wheel labeled with various topics for inspiration.

On the spot, the duo writes a song about love and heartbreak, choosing to play the ukelele, the washboard, and a kazoo, among other things, to add to the song's playful and innocent vibe. 

And around the two-minute mark, Michael and Carissa play their new song, "Feel the Same," for the first time — and it's beautiful. 


Afterward, per the challenge's rules, they plan to pass the box along to Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Superfruit to see if they can complete a song, too.

You can check out both of the challenge videos below:

Us The Duo:


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