15 Unwritten Rules We Could All Benefit From Following

What rule would you add to the list?

We all know the Golden Rule: Treat others as you'd like to be treated. But there's value in getting a little bit more specific than that. In both public and private spaces, we're constantly making decisions that impact others. Sometimes, those decisions can make someone's day a little bit easier and, other times, they can make them much harder. There are some social practices that become "unwritten rules" in order to refrain from doing the latter. 


In a recent thread, Reddit user Musicferret asked people, "What is the most important 'unwritten rule'?" Fellow Reddit users had a lot to say on the subject. From being courteous of others on public transit, to letting your loved ones know where you are so they won't worry. 

We're not sure if any of these are "the most important," but we gathered a few responses that help to make people's days better with very little effort. 

1. Let people off the train first.

2. Don't try to strike up casual conversation with someone who has headphones on.

3. Leave a note.

4. Be kind and respectful to people in the service industry.

5. Follow "road rules" while in stores, sidewalks, and crowded hallways.

6. And be courteous on actual roads.

7. Replace what you finish.

8. If a colleague does you a favor, be sure to do the same for them when the opportunity arises.

9. Get agreements in writing.

10. While waiting on an escalator, stand on the right to leave room on the left for walkers.

11. Read all the instructions before assembly.

12. Whisper back when whispered to.

13. If you have period supplies and someone else needs some, offer it to them.

14. Put away your shopping cart.

15. Be compassionate.

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