These People Were Served 3 Gourmet Dishes. What They Didn't Know Is That They Contain Dog Food.


In the times when scientists and nutritionists are all about finding alternative food resources, one company might have already figured it out. 

The creative people behind Freshpet — a healthy, all-natural and fresh pet food producer — decided to put their money where their mouths are and show people their products are, in fact, so finger-licking good they could easily be used in regular cooking.


To get their point across, Freshpet delivered a sneaky social experiment where it invited people to taste dog food without them knowing it.

Top-notch restaurant chefs prepared 3 meals: spaghetti and meatballs, chicken tacos and a slider. All relished with the secret ingredient — food for canines.

The unsuspecting tasters were startled by how tasty the food was. 'Perfect,' 'yummy,' 'great' were just some of the words they used to describe it.

But guess what happened when they were told they'd been eating dog food all along?


Some were skeptical, others repulsed ... However, no one changed their opinion about the meals being incredibly tasty — dog food or no dog food.

According to Freshpet, the company uses same ingredients to produce its pet food that most people use to cook meals at home: chicken, vegetables, brown rice. And although it does include specific ingredients needed by pets but not necessarily humans, a little tasting will have no effect and can, in fact, be a really fun, new experience.

After all, our pets are our family members, so why not share a bite for a change?

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of eating dog food:

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