Grocery Store Stands Up To Bathroom Panic By Perfectly Explaining Why Theirs Is Unisex

This might be your new favorite grocery store.

Floral designer Tonya Owens was shopping at a Kroger grocery store in Athens, Georgia on Saturday when she noticed a sign on the bathroom door. The sign explained that the bathroom was unisex because "gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations."

The sign listed all of the store's guests who are welcome to use the unisex bathroom, including "Dads with daughters, moms with sons, parents with disabled children, those in the LGBTQ community, adults with aging parents who may be mentally or physically disabled."

The sign concluded with, "THANK YOU for helping us to provide a safe environment for EVERYONE!"

Owens snapped a photo of the sign and posted it to Facebook, where it went viral.

"Kroger stores with unisex bathrooms are designed to serve our customers in all the ways stated on that sign: parents with young children, parents with disabled children, adults with aging parents, the LGBTQ community and for any other reason such an accommodation might be more convenient," a representative from Kroger told NBC Chicago. "We are proud to serve each and every customer that walks in our doors."

While Kroger received a ton of online praise because of the Facebook photo, it should be noted that some of the language on the sign was borrowed from a similar notice earlier in the year at a pizza restaurant in North Carolina.

A recent law in North Carolina that limited public bathroom use to the gender that someone is assigned at birth may have also influenced the sign. Numerous businesses in North Carolina recently protested the controversial law by offering their bathrooms as safe for the transgender community.

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