UNICEF Petitions David Cameron To Help Children In War Torn Countries

But you can help.

Anytime there is a war or natural disaster, huge populations of people are at risk. But in war-torn countries or places facing Mother Nature's wrath, nobody is more vulnerable than children.

That's why UNICEF is petitioning British Prime Minister David Cameron before the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in May. In their petition, they ask that the prime minister make protecting children from violence a priority at the summit. 

"Children are facing more devastating wars and disasters than ever before," the petition reads. "Children are being killed while studying in the classroom. They are being forced to become soldiers. Many have been orphaned by emergencies. Whilst protecting children from violence is lifesaving in emergencies, just like water, shelter and medicine, it isn't prioritised in the same way."

In the video below, UNICEF shows what some of these children's lives might look like in real life, and how quickly things can change. Watch the video and, if you decide you want to help, you can sign the petition here


Watch the video:


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