People Unfriended Him On Facebook, So He Decided To Dig Deeper.

Can the truth set you free?

When we're unfriended or blocked by someone on Facebook, our reaction can go one of two ways. One is usually something like this...


Or, on the other hand, we're just like, whatevs.

When it happened to Zach from Buzzfeed though, he decided to go in a completely different direction. He decided to use this moment as a chance to do a little social experiment. So, say hi to Zach.

First, he wanted to find out how common this was, so he went around the office to ask if any of his coworkers have unfriended people.

The answers ranged from, "Of course I have," to "All the time." Zach seemed a bit surprised, so he decided to ask why that happened.

They told him that sometimes people can do silly things such as send too many Candycrush requests (LOL) to more political reasons such as writing homophobic or racist statuses.

One person experienced a loss of friends because he unfortunately made the mistake of hooking up his Twitter account to send status updates to Facebook everytime he Tweeted. Whoops.

But back to Zach's main mission.

In order to find out why those four people unfriended him, he decided to message them to see if they would be interested in explaining. 

A few chose to keep their silence about why the decided to unfriend him, but David and Amanda decided to explain why they chose to sever their ties with him.

Based on the answers they gave, sometimes it was just a matter of growing up. Based on a few other answers Zach found out, it can sometimes be because of something you don't quite want to know. 

Even though finding out the truth can be hurtful, at the end of the day, they all actually remained Facebook friends and Amanda even left Zach a special surprise on his Timeline. 

Why do you think you might have been unfriended by someone? Watch the video below and maybe you can get some answers too.


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