This Couple Had The Most Unexpected Guests To Show Up At Their Wedding Photo Shoot

Bride's side or groom's side?

They kind of stole her thunder on this one...

When photographer Ian Christmann ventured into the wild to take some lovely wedding photos, not he, nor the newlyweds, expected a greeting like this.

A flock of deer appeared in the background and totally photobombed the happy couple's frame. Nobody was too worried, though.


The picture went viral after the photographer's brother posted it to Reddit. And no matter how good the reaction was, some Redditors were pretty concerned (well, in a funny way) :

"Great, now I need to put a bunch of deer onto my list too, right underneath a dress and a guy. Reddit, you're giving me unrealistic goals in life," said unicorninabottle.

You can find more of Ian's amazing shots on his website or Facebook page.

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