9 'Secret' Travel Spots That Are Surprisingly Bucket Listable

Let's go.

1. Sudan's Meroe Pyramids


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Reports say that Sudan's Meroe Pyramids are just as incredible as the wondrous pyramids found in Egypt.

The approximately 200 pyramids are up to 4,600 years old, and according to Slate, "there are more pyramids in one small section of the northern Sudanese desert than there are in the whole of Egypt."

But The Huffington Post writes: "The U.S. State Department's travel warning urges U.S. citizens to avoid travel to the Darfur region of Sudan, the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states. Until travel to that region is safe, images of these stunning, lesser-known pyramids will have to suffice."

2. Wizard Island in Crater Lake

Wizard Island in Crater Lake

Located in Oregon, Wizard Island is the tallest of the cinder cones formed after a violent volcano eruption in Crater Lake nearly 8,000 years ago. 

Take a boat and explore the area during the accessible summer months.

3. Hinatuan River, Mindanao

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In 2013, Business Insider compiled a list of "25 Unbelievable Travel Destinations You Never Knew Existed," featuring the Hinatuan River on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Known as the "Enchanted River," BI reports that "it appears to run from the middle of nowhere."

4. "Crooked Forest," Poland

The Crooked Forest in Poland

Another spot on Business Insider's list is the "crooked forest" in Poland. It'll make your head tilt a little, but it's incredibly fascinating nonetheless.

5. Rainbow mountains, China

Beautiful Rainbow Mountains of China
The Rainbow mountains of China

Perhaps you've heard of the Great Wall of China. Or Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing. 

But what about this incredible rainbow mountain range, which is part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China? We're talking mind-bogglingly beautiful mountains everyone should know about (and we're booking a ticket, now). 

6. Buddha Park, Laos

A tuk tuk ride about 40 minutes outside of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, Buddha Park is filled with more than 200 huge, and incredibly detailed, statues. It's peaceful, filled with plenty of history, and few tourists. 

According to a report, the park "was built in 1958 by Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, a monk who studied both Buddhism and Hinduism. This explains why his park is full not only of Buddha images but also of Hindu gods as well as demons and animals from both beliefs."

7. Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

This cloudy spot in China features "stone towers," which are a part of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. According to an old Chinese saying, "a visit to Wulingyuan Scenic Area without a visit to Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is like not having visited Wulingyuan Scenic Area at all!

Some of the taller towers have sharp peaks and are decorated in snow.

8. Hang Son Doong

In 2015, Ryan Deboodt released a stunning, captivating film from inside Hang Son Doong, the world's largest cave (located in Vietnam). 

"I'm always impressed with the scale of Hang Son Doong every time I'm there. I find myself just in awe..." Deboodt told A Plus in an article featuring the film project.

The cave's exquisite greenery and underground lakes make it a must-see travel destination.

9. Arches National Park, Utah

Partition Arch
Inside Double Arch
Delicate Arch

Though the Arches National Park in Utah may be overshadowed by The Grand Canyon, it's a remarkably beautiful national park in Moab, Utah. According to the National Park Service, the region "has
over 2,000 natural stone arches, in addition to hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks" that are sure to inspire.

And, we're off.


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