These 'Unconventional Beauties' Talk About Self-Confidence And Being A Model

"We all have these little unique quirks about us."

In a new video for W magazine, five "unconventional beauties" sit down against a white background and speak directly to the camera, explaining what it means to be confident, beautiful, and unique.

"We all have these little unique quirks about us," Ally Ertel, a model who promotes inner and outer beauty on her Instagram account, says in the video. "Some clients think I'm too thin, some clients think I'm too curvy in the hips. You just have to be yourself," she adds.

Another model in the video, Issa Lish, says that her Instagram name "issalien" reflects a nickname she was once given in school.

But now, people comment on her photos, relating to her unique features: "Oh, I'm an alien too," they say, which she thinks is better than being boring.

"There's always going to be a hater saying 'why are you a model?' But my question is 'why are you not a model?' " Lish concludes at the end of the video.

Because, really, we are all our own kind of beautiful.

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