12 Cartoons That Sum Up How Men And Women Aren't As Equal As You Think

Handpicked by the UN at that.

What do you get when you ask art students from all around the world to depict what they think about gender equality in a cartoon? Greatness, that's what. 

The UN (United Nations) Women along with European Commission, the Belgian Development Cooperation and UNRIC did just that. The groups organized a competition to find the best comics around the world with a simple rule: Depict what gender equality means to them. 

There's still a long way to go to reaching for equality when it comes to aspects of everyday life — education, fair pay and violence just to name a few —  and these illustrations (some serious, some humorous) show those struggles perfectly.

These are the winners and semi-finalists. 

Do you agree?


1. Emilio Morales Ruiz, Spain

What the first-place winner responded to the gender equality question:

"Gender equality is an undeniable right. Gender inequality is thus a reality that we need to end immediately."

He drew his comic to show that even the smallest steps are steps toward making a difference. 

2. David Ibáñez Bordallo, Spain

Same goes for the second-place winner, David Ibáñez Bordallo: 

Gender inequality represents one of the biggest challenges of our times. As a teacher, I believe in the power of education to change things. I hope that with proper education, creativity, and sense of responsibility future generations will be able to move more strongly in solving this and other problems that compromise sustainability and human happiness: I firmly believe in children's superpowers to overcome barriers that currently seem almost impossible to overcome.

3. Samuel Akinfenwa Onwusa, Spain

The first- of the third-place winners felt that education is an important part of gender equality as well as discrimination that happens in the workplace, which his above cartoon reflects. 

"Regardless of gender or ethnicity, we are all human beings and therefore equal in all the most important aspects." he said. "Gender equality is a goal that has to be set in the minds of people, especially children, to thrive peace and harmony."

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4. Aleksi Siirtola, Finland

5. Agata Hop, Poland

6. Aitor López García, Spain

7. Joanna Grochulska, Poland

8. Clara Mar Hernández López, Spain

9. Laurence Herfs, The Netherlands

10. Olga Schikunov, Germany

11. Jakub Topor, Poland

12. Mariola Stachnik, Poland


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