The Freaky Effect On This Girl's Face Will Make You Appreciate Your Skin More

Don't play with the sun.

We've all been told time and time again to protect ourselves from the sun.

Mainly because ultraviolet light causes sunburn, melanoma, skin cancer, makes your skin wrinkly, saggy and so on...

Source: Giphy

But who are we kiddin' – everybody loves a good tan!

Source: Giphy

We even refuse to think of the negative effects that might be invisible yet, but will be very evident with time.

Source: Giphy

Videographer Thomas Leveritt battles our ignorance by showing us how the skin actually looks like when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Watch this shocking video to see what sun does to your skin and how to protect it:

Source: Thomas Leveritt

A 2013 study shows that everyday application of sunscreen protects skin from wrinkling.

Participants who did apply sunscreen every day for 4-5 years had smoother and more resilient skin.

Be safe, be healthy! And don't forget to share this important information with all of your friends by clicking below.


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