13 Types Of Guys You'll Date And Try To Forget But Can't

You'll regret swiping right.

Just like how a princess has to kiss a lot of frogs to find her prince, many women have to go through a bunch of losers before finding "the one." There are a lot of weirdos and jerks out there, especially on dating websites.

Here are 15 guys you'll date that you might regret, but you'll have to go through them to find your true prince:


1. The guy in his 30s who still lives with his mom.

2. The obsessed sports fan.

3. The guy who says he's 25, but looks way older.

4. The hipster who thinks he's super smart.

5. The guy with anger issues.

6. The guy who looks really creepy.

7. The guy who's been to more Comic-Cons than actual dates.

8. The guy who parties way too hard.

9. The guy who's been to one too many Phish concerts.

10. The guy who's too busy texting to talk to you.

11. The guy who is already dating, like, three other girls.

12. The normal guy who is sweet, smart, has a good job and great smile. The perfect guy ...

13. ... but you'd rather go with this guy.

Two items from this article's original version have been removed.


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