15 Types Of Girls You'll Date And Try To Forget But Can't

Which one is right for you?

Just as women have to date some unusual gentlemen before settling down, guys also go through the same crazy dating game as well. The only good news is that after dating all of these girls, you've eventually meet the right one ... hopefully is the key word.

Here are 15 girls you've probably dated and you remember every single one:

1. The girl who is really spoiled rotten.

2. The girl who is beyond high maintenance.

3. The girl who is super crazy.

4. The girl who already planned your wedding before the first date.

5. The girl who only speaks in a text message language.

6. The girl who is more interested in your wallet than you.

7. The one who thinks fairy tales are real.

8. The artsy one.

9. The party girl.

10. The extreme cosplayer.

11. The one who is way too attached ... like, almost creepy.

12. The one who wants sex more than you do.

13. The one you'll never, ever want to bring home to your parents.

14. The sweet, smart, strong, caring, nice girl that is perfect …

15. … but you end up going after this one instead.


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