Instead Of Running Across The Race's Finish Line, This Little Boy Decided He'd Rather Hug His Dad

"Won my heart."

Imoh Umoren II was about to cross the finish line during a race at his school in Lagos, Nigeria when he decided he had other, more important things to do.


The 2-year-old decided he'd rather hug his dad, Imoh Umoren.

Little Imoh may have ended up coming fourth in the race, but he won over his dad. The elder Umoren tweeted a photo explaining what happened in the race and how his son's sweet hug "won his heart."

The Tweet went viral, making it clear that those on social media were as touched by Imoh's sweet gesture.

Since Umoren wrote about the story on Feb. 21, the tweet has received over 7,500 retweets and it has been liked over 13,800 times.

Umoren told the Huffington Post that while he and Imoh were training for the race, his son would usually run into his arms at the end. "I think part of it may be that he always ran into my arms while we were doing our little training at home," he explained, "But he's a bit of a hugger, and maybe to him, that is a natural ending to a race: run into daddy's arms."

Imoh ended up competing in another race that day and ended up placing third.

Imoh may not have taken home the top prize, but he has won his dad's and a lot of the internet's affection. Umoren Senior told BuzzFeed that he wants his son to be ale to express his emotions, "I'm also raising him to be expressive about the way he feels and to be a gentleman. If he offends you, he comes and says sorry and kisses you." 

He added, "I'm a very emotional guy and I want my kid to be the same way, and not some patriarchal macho who is incapable of feeling."


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