People Share Hilarious Childhood Hacks For 'Fooling' Parents Back In The Day

Rules were made to be broken.

Children love to play games. Yet, while Monopoly and Candy Land are obvious classics, there's one other activity that's universal to the childhood experience — breaking the rules.

On Twitter, writer Nicole Cliffe recently shared how she used to work around her parents' "no TV" rule when she was little. As a child, she'd watch television until her father pulled into the driveway. By quickly changing channels, she guaranteed that he could never prove she'd been watching her choice programs without permission. (Yes, we've all done it as some point!)


Cliffe's followers then shared their own tricks for subverting parental restrictions. While many echoed Cliffe's methods, others admitted plans that were brilliantly deceptive.

As young children, many people found ways to avoid their parents' electronic restrictions.

But, as they got older, these 'big kids' took bigger risks to get what they wanted most.

Yet, while some parents let their kids "get away with" harmless trickery ...

... some kids put the adults on blast by outsmarting them entirely.

We've all been there, of course, but you must never lose touch with your inner child, for that's when the trickster becomes the tricked!

Cover image via Oleg Mikhaylov / Shutterstock

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