Meet The Twin Girls Who Are Making The Internet Nuts With Their Rare, Striking Eye Color

One has two blue eyes, the other has a blue eye and a brown eye.

Megan and Morgan are like most 4-year-olds. They love dress up, playing with other kids and posing for the camera. But the twins of color have a unique feature that has made them an Internet sensation: their eyes.

Megan has two blue eyes, and Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. The twins, who live in Philadelphia, began to gain attention after modeling for their mom, Stephanie Boyd, on Instagram and now have more than 57,000 followers

While it may seem rare, people of color can have blue eyes. Many African-Americans migrated to Europe and have European ancestry, which is one of the origins of the lighter eye color. As long as the gene is in both the mother or father's gene pool, even if they have brown eyes themselves, having a child with blue eyes is possible. 

Megan and Morgan are proof. Stephanie said that the blue eyes run on her father's side of the family. 

"I was so excited because my doctor told me it was a 50-50 chance that they will have blue eyes," she told A Plus, "When they came out and it was dark blue. I was so happy [for] me and [their] father."


The last two months the girls have been modeling for Instagram, and at different events and small runway shows. Though they love the camera, modeling appears to be a fun hobby for them. 

"They said when they get older they want to be a princess," Stephanie said.

They're already queens on the Internet, so they're well on their way.

Check out Morgan and Megan's Instagram account for more. 



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