This Adorable Twin Can't Handle The News That Her Sister Is 1 Minute Older

“I can’t make you older. She was born first by one minute.”

Some truths can be hard to cope with, especially when they catch you by surprise. Three-year-old twins Alexis and Ava found this out the hard way when their mother Ami McClure was filming a YouTube video for their channel. In the video, Ami revealed some information that brought tears to her daughter's eyes.

"Ava was born one minute older than Alexis," she says in the video. "One minute." 

"I want to be older," Alexis replies, ready to cry. 

"Don't cry. I can't make you older, she was born first," Ami says. 

"I'm just one minute older. That's it," Ava says while touching her sister's face in an effort to make her feel better. 

"I want to grow!" Alexis declares. 

Ami explains to the twins that both girls are growing and that Ava isn't bigger than her. She's just older. To prove her point, she asks both girls to stand up and compare their height. Alexis soon finds out that she's taller than her big sister and is pleased with herself. This news, however, takes Ava by surprise and she has a meltdown of her own. 

The whole thing is completely adorable and we love that it ends with a sisterly hug. 

Skip to 1:14 to see their reaction to all of this news in the video below: 


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