12 Undeniable Truths About Our Moms

Not all superheros wear capes.

1. They are the most extraordinary chefs.

2. They always have the answer.

3. The give the best advice.

4. They always have time for our drama.

5. They know everything about us: from when our first tooth came off, to our last boyfriend's surname.

6. They're our first, best and the only 24/7 doctor.

7. They will always think of us as their little babies.

8. They know the most beautiful bed time stories and lullabies.

9. They always put us first.

10. They're the Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny combined.

11. They never get tired. (Well, they do, but we can't see it.)

12. Most importantly, they made us possible.

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