30 Tweets That Hilariously Take Down The Misguided Anti-Feminist Movement


Even as mainstream society increasingly embraces feminism (thanks, Queen Bey), its misguided opposition, dubbed "women against feminism," has a considerable following of people with grossly misinformed notions of the movement. 

Amid the noise, one parody Twitter account has successfully stood out above the rest in picking it apart. Called @NoToFeminism, the account lays bare the outrageous claims of anti-feminists. 

Here are some of our favorites, complete with the brilliant butchering of the spelling of "feminism."


1. On consent.

2. On women being harassed and threatened on the Internet.

3. On the notion that feminism emasculates men.

4. On breastfeeding.

5. On women's reproductive rights.

6. On marriage equality.

7. On LGBT rights.

8. On catcalling.

9. On biological gender differences.

10. On women in the entertainment industry.

11. On feminist stereotypes.

12. On women being asked to "smile."

13. On the wage gap.

14. On women's bodies.

15. On women's sense of humor.

16. On domestic violence.

17. On sexual assault cases in college.

18. On child care.

19. On female leaders.

20. On rejection.

21. On the patriarchy.

22. On women drivers.

23. On rape prevention.

24. On feminists being uptight.

25. On the media's gender bias.

26. On safety.

27. On independence.

28. On women's sports (and horses.)

29. On the anti-feminist movement reasoning.

30. On gender equality, which is ultimately what feminism really strives for.

Cover image via iStock/oneinchpunch


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