This Super Simple Chart Makes Clear Who Is — And Who Is Not — Running For President

Who's on the ballot this year?

In the past month, the Democratic and Republican campaigns have weathered a steady stream of attacks as both sides prepare for the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign. Details of the candidates' personal lives and personal emails have both been excavated, respectively, and have seemed only to fuel calls to further investigation. But is that investigation relevant if the person being investigated isn't even running for president?

As many observed online, while accusations against the Democratic nominee's husband are important to discuss, there's one big problem: Bill isn't on the ballot — Hillary is.

On Friday, Twitter user @OhNoSheTwitnt clarified that vital point when she shared a "handy chart for people who don't seem to understand that."

(It's worth noting, of course, that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will not be the sole names on the ballot. Third party candidates such as Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are also running.)

As of October 18, @OhNoSheTwitnt's hilarious tweet received over 4,600 likes. And a few people even responded by sharing their own interpretation of the chart.

While some Republicans may believe that going after Bill Clinton's past is a good idea, only a minority of voters agree. A recent poll found that 67 percent of voters think that Bill's past is not a legitimate issue in 2016.

Not only is it bad politics to go after Bill's history, but it is also incredibly sexist to blame Hillary for her husband's infidelity. Just as Bill is solely responsible for any alleged sexual misconduct, Trump is also responsible for the accusations levied against him. The difference is that only one of these men is on the ballot this November.

So let's focus on the candidates we have, focus on the issues, and come November 8, let's make our voices heard.

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