This Started As An Ordinary Picture Of A Tiger Walking Through A Pond. And Then The Internet Got Ahold Of It.

Ask the internet, and ye shall receive.

Thanks to the powers of Photoshop, there are some pretty amazing images floating around. The latest example is a gorgeously striking picture of a tiger wading through an algae-covered pond. Though beautiful on its own, after it was posted on Tumblr, it was noted that the algae, which so perfectly coats the top of the water, could be used as a green screen. Essentially, it would be incredibly easy to put the tiger into any other image. 

The internet, ever ready for a new challenge, was quick to respond. After making the rounds on Tumblr, Imgur users took on the image.


Here's the original picture:

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This observation came shortly thereafter.

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The rest was history:

1. Space tiger!

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2. Tigers can fly. We're screwed.

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3. So THERE'S that mac and cheese image!

Here is requested tiger walking through mac and chease

4. Uh-oh, ScarJo. Look out behind you!

Edit: best from the comments so far

5. Coffee, with cream, two sugars, and one tiger.

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6. Watch out, Chicago! The tiger's coming for you!

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7. If this tiger can't stand the heat, he needs to get out of the lava.

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8. The tiger even took over Imgur itself.


Oh, Internet. You never disappoint.

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[H/T: Imgur user idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere]

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